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Celestial Bodies

While creating these images, Ranjan Ramchandani was meditating on an article he read about the possibility of various space programs placing refuelling stations and an artificial base on the Moon. It is a reflection that seems unavoidable, motivated by the quest for knowledge of what is hidden from us yet. As a species, Ranjan invites us to be careful not to reproduce the damage we have done to Earth elsewhere. Otherwise, it will not be long before these pictures are a reality, not edited. In terms of the photographer, if it were not for the lack of breathable air, intelligent wildlife would escape to the cosmos at first chance. Humans are oppressive, shattering fragile ecosystems in the quest for modernization, convenience, and one-time-use plastic. In this project, Ranjan aims to free the creatures we have held captive, taking them out of zoos and other limited spaces to experience the limitless universe. The original photographs were shot in Singapore, Kenya, Botswana, and India. Then, they were collaged and digitally painted with an editing process where his imagination seeps in. 

Images from this collection were exhibited at Photo Basel '23. Shop the collection online.

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