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Ranjan Ramchandani

is a Singapore based professional photographer and author specialising in digital art and wildlife photography. He refers to himself as a life long student of photography who does not like being pigeonholed in to a singular genre, as is represented in his diverse portfolio of work.

Ranjan has had a natural flair for photography since his childhood, and even studied the subject in school before taking a break from this passion to pursue a separate professional career. Over the last decade and a half, he has returned to his calling, and graduated from the New York Institute of Photography, turning his attention to his passion full time. He has continued to refine his skills through photography expeditions around the globe; from the Masai Mara to the Galápagos Islands.  

For him, photography is an art; a true medium of  self-expression. After his visits to Ladakh in the late 2000s, Ranjan published his first book titled, Swades; Ladakh:  The Land of Splendour, in September of 2010, to  showcase the beauty of the region and raise funds for rebuilding after the devastating earthquake of 2010 that shook the region. He has subsequently authored the world's first photographic 3D book in collaboration with Floop Photography, titled Masai Mara: A Wild Escape.


Throughout his life, Ranjan has embodied his signature theme of preservation, and conservation. Nowadays, his efforts largely focus on wildlife around the world in the national parks and reserves which he fondly calls home.

You can find his work featured in numerous magazines, including Sanctuary Asia, Outdoor Photographer and The Wild Lens (where he also serves as editor), as well as through his collaborations over the years with WWF, Olympus, and Canon.

For a full list of accolades, publications, exhibitions, and partnerships, please contact Ranjan's representation here.


Partners and collaborators

Over the last two decades, Ranjan has had the pleasure of working with some of the industry's most talented and passionate organisations.

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